Frank Bryce
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Between 16 and 31 August, 1917[1]


16 August, 1994[2]

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Frank Bryce (August 1917[1] - 17 August, 1994[2]) was a Muggle and the gardener at the Riddle House[1]. He served in World War II and retired at the end of the war with a very stiff leg and a great dislike of loud noises[1].


Frank was born between 16 and 31 August, 1917 in Great Britain; he had a horrible temper ever since he was a child, as Dot remembered something terrible happened when Frank was a child[1]. He served in World War II for much of the war, and returned to Little Hangleton thereafter with a very stiff leg and a fierce dislike of loud noises or large crowds[1].

He served as the gardener at the Riddle House from 1945 until 1994, and had a key to the back door; he was greatly trusted by the Riddles[1]. When the Riddles were found dead, however, in August of 1944, the old gardener was arrested for the murders[1]. Though initially incredulous, after much drunken chatter the townspeople began to believe Frank's guilt[1].

Nonetheless, Frank continually denied any part in the murders, and repeated that he had seen a dark-haired teenage boy near the house at the time of the murders, but as nobody else had seen the boy it was believed that Frank was lying[1]. However, when the doctor's report came through, the police were forced to release him as no damage whatsoever had done to the corpses except an expression of great fear adorning each face[1].

Despite this, the villagers still believed that Frank was guilty, and sent their children and later grandchildren to punish him for it by ruining the lawns and throwing stones at the windows[1].

At three in the morning on the night of 16 August, very close to his birthday, Frank was awoken by a terrible pain in his leg[1]. Whilst filling his hot-water bottle, he noticed a flame in the window of the Riddle House[1]. He let himself into the house, located the intruders (Voldemort and Peter Pettigrew) and eavesdropped on their conversation before Voldemort killed him[1].


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