Sirius Black
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June 1996[1]

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Sirius Black (d. June 1996) was a wizard, the godfather of Harry Potter and one of the five unregistered Animagi of the twentieth century.


Hogwarts yearsEdit

Sixth yearEdit

When Sirius was sixteen years old, he ran away from home, and his mother blasted his name off of the family tree for it[2]. He went to the Potters' house, where he was treated like a second son; he had camped out there for the summer holidays even before he moved in[2]. Even when he got his own place thanks to a decent bit of gold from his uncle Alphard, he was always welcome for meals at the Potters' house[2].

Physical appearanceEdit

Sirius had matted, elbow-length black hair and yellowing teeth[4]. His pale, waxy skin was stretched so tightly over his bones that his skull was visible[4].


Notes and referencesEdit

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